Dear Woman

Dear woman,

How you hand the ball

By managing them all

You stand when others sit

You sit still near the sheet

Many call you fragile

But you’re the agile

To a newborn, you birth life

To a man, his perfect wife

Dear woman,

I am you and you are me

When you read the meme

Arouse the strength of you

Within the walls of youth

Bend your mighty wand

Then with you I’ll stand

And together oh! Woman

We’ll unearth the ugly of man

Dear woman,

Open the gates of praise

Hold not back the base

You are your very own song

You sing what’s being sung

They say you are strong

But you are very strung

Mashed and bashed

Buttered and battered

Dear woman,

Arise from the ashes

Look down on the bashes

Noise aloud when allowed

Powerful puzzle if swallowed

Mend your broken fences

Around the man offenses

Give the life that you already have

And you’ll receive the light you are.

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